WSKA –How it works. Last updated: November 2017

The World Surf Kayak Association is the association of surf competition kayakers from different Countries, who come together every two years for a World Championship. It is a necessary association because it:

  • ensures all Countries recognise one agreed World Championship event, and the host knows the event will be well supported;
  • ensures rules, procedures, judging and organisation are consistent and well supported with experience from previous events, leading to a fair and high-quality contest for participants.
  • The Aims of the WSKA are shown on the Home page of the website

The Members are all surf kayakers from all Countries which have had one or more competitors at either of the previous two World Championships.
The Membership Fee is £10, Euro 10 or $10 per person entering the current World Championships. This is collected with entry fees by the host organiser, on behalf of WSKA. Funds are used for any essential costs in running the WSKA, and held in reserve to support World Championship events if necessary. All work for WSKA is voluntary and unpaid.

The Elected Committee comprises people who are active and keen to work effectively in a team, representing all surf kayakers and countries equally, and contributing to the organisation, goals and success of the WSKA.

The committee has the responsibility for running the affairs of the WSKA within these rules and guidelines. They organise themselves in the most suitable way, make decisions and act on them, and research and refine any significant proposals or recommendations to put before the Country Reps for decision. The elected committee is responsible to the Members, via the Country Reps.

The Committee is elected at each World Championships, for two years or until the next World Championships.

The 2017 – 2019 elected committee is:
Edu Etxeberria – Darren Bason – Irati Bordagaray Martija – Mat Hoff  – Stuart McGlinchey – Teresa Rogerson

Specific allocated roles include:
Chair Person – Mat Hoff
Secretary – Teresa Rogerson
Treasurer – Stuart McGlinchey

The elected committee offers and provides support to the host venue for the next World Championships to help ensure consistency and quality of the event. The committee and the host organiser provide a main point of contact each. For Peru 2019, the Event Director is Nathan Eades and Contest Director is Joey Hall.
The elected committee can enable more volunteers to help and contribute to WSKA goals in specific areas. The committee has the responsibility to communicate with and organise these volunteers. For example, this may be in specific areas (such as website, rules, World Cup or equipment), liaison with a particular world region, or it may enable experienced people to stay involved and helpful, without needing to have full committee responsibilities.

For occasional significant decisions which are considered to need (or be strengthened by) full WSKA involvement, a decision is made by the voting of Country Reps. From time to time, the committee may prepare topics for voting on by the Country Reps. The election process for the committee is shown below.

The Country Representatives are the channel of communication between their nations’ surf kayakers and the WSKA. They share information both ways, and represent their nation’s views in all aspects of the WSKA. Every Country with active surf kayakers is invited to nominate a Country Rep. Each nation is responsible for selecting their own Country Rep and advising the WSKA secretary of the name and contact details. (WSKA is not responsible for chasing each Country to inform or update their Representative).

The WSKA Country Representatives are:

Argentina – Ezequiel Martinez Francesca
Australia – Liam Thierens
Basque – Edu Etxeberria
Canada – Ted Morris
Costa Rica – Alvaro ‘Toca’ Gonzales
Denmark – Bo Blankholm
England – Denzil Pearce
France – Pablo Arrouays
Galicia – Jose Pineiro
Ireland – Mike Barry
Isle of Man – Richard Cregan-Watson
Jersey / British Islands – Stuart McGlinchey
Northern Ireland / Ulster – no contact provided
Peru – Nathan Eades
Portugal – Alberto Miguel
Scotland – Ian Sherrington
Sweden – Leif Davidson
US West – Mat Hoff
US East – Joey Hall
Wales – Tim Thomas
Other Countries known to have active surf kayakers are invited to nominate their Representative,
and inform WSKA of the name and contact details:
Brazil –
Italy –
Japan –
Israel –
Other Countries with active surf kayakers are welcome and invited to contact us.The Country Representatives entitled to vote are the Countries which entered the Team event in the past three World Championships (including the current one). These Country Reps will vote on any significant matters when they are called upon to do so, being given 2 weeks maximum to discuss with their country if required. They have one vote each. Any deciding vote will be cast by the WSKA Committee Chair Person if required.

Until the start of Peru 2019 (or until the system is changed), there are 12 voting Countries – Australia, Basque, Denmark, England, Galicia, Ireland, British Islands (comprising Jersey and Isle of Man), Ulster/Northern Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, US West, Wales. This group is broadly representative of the majority of surf kayakers. It is likely to be knowledgeable people involved for the longer term. The voting system is simple, easy to determine who is eligible and to manage.

However, there are different views about the eligibility of Countries to vote and the number of votes a Country has. The decision was made in Northern Ireland 2017, that the newly elected committee will review the number and eligibility of Countries entitled to vote.

An Open Meeting for all Members will be held at every World Championships to share information and views.

The Election process to the Committee:
(a guide – timings subject to surf conditions and competition)

  • The Committee is elected at each World Championships, for two years or until the next World Championships.
  • Before the World Championships – the election process is announced on website.
  • Opening Ceremony – The process is explained, and people are invited to put their name forward for the elected committee by the start of the Open Meeting, mid-week.
  • Candidates and Country Reps are free to talk to one another at any time if they wish.
  • Open Meeting, mid-week – candidates have the opportunity to talk if they wish.
  • After the Open Meeting and by 36 hours later – each voting Country Rep will be asked to vote for 5 people for the elected committee, from the names given.
  • As a result of the voting, the Countries appoint a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 8 people to the elected committee. The Countries decide the optimum number, considering the votes cast, the candidates’ views and any other factors.
  • In the interests of ensuring good representation and communication, it is preferable that the elected committee includes at least one person from each of the three largest surf kayak geographic regions – USA, Europe and UK. It is also preferable that the elected committee does not include more than two people from the same Country.
  • After the committee is elected, they decide their Chair Person and Secretary from the elected committee. The role of Chair Person is primarily to co-ordinate the WSKA organisation, aiming to make decisions collectively. The committee then seek agreement for these key positions from the voting Country Reps.
  • The Treasurer is appointed by the elected committee, with approval from the voting Country Reps. The Treasurer may be from the elected committee, or may be co-opted in.
  • The newly elected committee meets and starts.
  • Closing Ceremony – the committee have the opportunity to talk to Members briefly if desired.