The primary goals of the WSKA are to:

  • Promote goodwill and cultural interchange among people who surf kayaks in different countries in the world.
  • Provide a world organization to help guide the development of surf kayaking.
  • Share ideas about boat design and surfing moves, and expand the skill level of people involved in surf kayaking.
  • Increase the number of people and countries involved in surf kayaking.
  • Increase the number of juniors and women involved in surf kayaking.
  • Promote friendly competition among surf kayakers.
  • Hold a world championship of surf kayaking every two years.


Photo credit: Denzil Pearce
Hola a todos !!!
Es un placer presentarles la imagen del próximo mundial de surf kayak MAR DEL PLATA 2024. Compartirles también las redes sociales donde tendremos la información oficial del evento.
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Hello everyone !!! It is a pleasure to present you the image of the next MAR DEL PLATA 2024 kayak surf world championship. Also share the social networks where we will have the official information of the event.
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Proposals are invited for hosting the World Championships in future years.  Bids need to be submitted to WSKA before the preceding Championships, and a decision is made at or soon after that event.  A guide for Countries considering hosting the event is here: English and Spanish
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Previous World Championships:
2022 – Bude, England
2019 – Huanchaco, Peru
2017 – Portrush, Northern Ireland
2015 – Pantin, Galicia, Spain
2013 – Sunshine Coast, Australia
2011 – Nags Head, North Carolina, USA
2009 – Ocean Spirit, Portugal
2007 – Mundaka and Bakio, The Basque Country
2005 – Esterillos Oueste, Costa Rica
2003 – Easkey, Ireland
2001 – Santa Cruz, California, USA
1999 – Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1997 – Thurso, Scotland
1995 – Boca Barranca, Costa Rica
1993 – Santa Cruz, California, USA
1991 – Thurso, Scotland