Thank you to all the Country Representatives, previous committee members and everyone in Portrush, who helped in getting the WSKA back on track, organised and looking forward.  We agreed the structure of the WSKA, and are delighted to announce your newly elected committee – Mat Hoff (Chair Person), Darren Bason, Edu Etxeberria, Stuart McGlinchey (Treasurer), Irati Bordagaray Martija and Teresa Rogerson (Secretary).  They’ll be working on your behalf over the next two years, supporting the 2019 event hosts and always aiming to represent all surf kayakers and Countries fairly.

For more information, see  HOW THE WSKA WORKS
We’re off to Peru in 2019! 
Thanks to our host in Peru, Nathan Eades, for researching and putting all the plans together.  He’ll be joined by Joey Hall as Contest Director for the event, which is scheduled for 19th to 26th July 2019.  The full proposal can be seen in both English and Spanish in DOWNLOADS